We are passionate about Girls,Women

& cherish integrity, equity and justice

Our Core Priority Areas

Access to Education

NANA believes UN declaration that every child has a right to education, not only right to education but equally important is the right to quality education. This is because education is more than just a right it is the root to successful and productive life.

In order to address this unacceptable statistics NANA decided to priorities the issue of enrollment, retention and transition of girl child and quality of education.


Access to Economic Empowerment

According to World Bank, Africa is the continent with largest number of people living in extreme poverty. A report from world poverty clock shows that Nigeria now has over 87millions people living in extreme poverty. The report adds that six Nigerians become poor every minute

The NBS said that relative poverty was most apparent in the north of the country; with sokoto state poverty rate one of the highest at 86.4%

Access to MNCH Services

Maternal mortality is one of the major challenges to health systems in the world and sub-Saharan Africa in particular. More than 300,000 girls and women around the world in 2015 died from complications relating to pregnancy and childbirth (WHO).

Our Strategy

Giving our Girls Voice

Like any other society in the world, women and girls right violation have become a global problem, Nigeria is not an exception. A woman’s voice is restricted, not even heard especially in the core north where all authorities are given to men and men alone

OUR Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

NANA girls and women empowerment initiative is committed to employing best practices in monitoring and evaluation methods that will help correct the projects throughout implementation to maximize effectiveness and impact, and to provide a robust evidence base to inform an excellent decision that can be replicated.

What we do


WVLN is Canada Global Affairs funded project in 6 states selected across the geo-poitical zones of Nigeria and FCT with the aim of preventing all forms of Gender-Based Violence GBV), maternal death control and support services for women living with HIV/AIDS. Act in collaboration with stakeholders, within available gender-friendly legislation against culturally harmful practices on women.

Girls For Health (G4H)

Girls for Health is a four year (2016-2020) action research project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation under the GRAND CHALLENGES: PUTTING WOMEN AND GIRLS AT THE CENTER OF DEVELOPMENT. The aim of the project is to promote the economic empowerment, agency and voice of adolescent girls by supporting their transition from school to formal employment in the health and teaching careers

Female Mechanic Workshop

Female Auto-mechanic Business to Challenge Gender Stereotype in Muslim Northern Nigeria states (Auto-mechanic business by women and for women)

Car repairs in Nigeria and particularly in Northern Nigeria is completely done and managed by men despite the shift in attitude that no longer see engineering training for men only.

Fish Farming

Capitalizing on the water resources of river Niger and its tributaries, fishing has been one of the major economic activities in Yauri emirate. People travel from other parts of Nigeria and neighboring countries to engage in fish trading and marketing, particularly business in smoked dry fish.

Closed Projects

Adolescent Girls Initiative (AGI)

AGI is a five year (2018 to 2022) UNFPA funded project, with funding from Canadian Government that aims to improve learning outcomes of adolescent girls from rural areas and their life skills in primary 5 and 6 using safe space methodology. The focus of the initiative will be 10-14 year old girls.




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