Muhammad Lawal Maidoki


Sadaukin Sokoto is the Chair of Board of Trustees of Nana Girls and Women Empowerment Initiative. Lawal Maidokiis a Civil servant, Islamic Scholar and a Traditional title holder of Sadauki Sokoto. As the name implies, Sadauki (meaning committed to serve humanity) is a humanitarian and development activist. He was an Agricultural Engineer with Sokoto Rima Basin Development Authority before taking his current appointment with the Sokoto state government as the Chairman of Sokoto state Zakat and Endowment Commission.  He is a member of Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs. He is a well-respected scholar and activist through commitment to humanitarian and community service that earned him the title of Sadauki. He has played a leading role in community development organisations and leading the way in transforming Sokoto state Zakkat Commission.